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Three great Individuals who inspired and influenced Dr. Afshan Hashmi to be a Jewel

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Dr. Afshan Hashmi belongs to one of the most well-known families of India.
Dr.Afshan Hashmi dedicates this website and the knowledge she has acquired to these three great individuals who have influenced her a lot.
She is whatever today it is because of these three individuals who have inspired and influenced her immensely and carved her to be a jewel.
She is one of the torch bearer of her family who is taking their legacy forward.

Dr. Afshan Hashmi 's  maternal grandfather Prof. Abdul Aleem. Many books have been written about him in India.To know more about Prof. Abdul Aleem please visit the following sites:

Prof. Abdul Aleem
Prof. Abdul Aleem( left) withHer ExcellencyMrs.Indira Gandhi(Right)&Nawab of Chattari

Prof.(Dr.) Abdul Aleem-1

Prof.(Dr.) Abdul Aleem-2 please see page 40 of 173

Prof. (Dr.) Abdul Aleem- 3 please see page 425

Prof.(Dr.) Abdul Aleem-4

Prof.(Dr.)Abdul Aleem-5

Prof.(Dr.)Abdul Aleem-6

Prof.(Dr.) Abdul Aleem-7

Dr. Afshan Hashmi 's father Prof. A. Majid Siddiqi . To know more about Prof. Majid Siddiqi please visit the following sites:

Prof. A Majid Siddiqi
Prof. Siddiqi presenting an award to Mrs. Habib mother of noted Indian Historian Irfan Habib

Prof.(Dr.)A. Majid Siddiqi-1

Prof.(Dr) A. Majid Siddiqi-2

Prof.(Dr.) A. Majid Siddiqi-3

Prof.(Dr.)A. Majid Siddiqi-4

Prof.(Dr.)A. Majid Siddiqi-5

My mom Mrs.Jamila Siddiqi left for her Heavenly abode in Dec 2014. Mom was an institution within herself.She was a very well -known philanthropist,biochemist as well as fashion icon in India. Please see these links about my mom:

Some news about the Ismat Literacy and Handicraft Center established by my mom in India-1

Some News about my mom-2

Some news about my mom-3

Some news about my mom-4

Some news about my mom-5

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