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Teaching or to give lecture on "India'


Dr. Afshan Hashmi  is available for teaching or to  give lecture on ''Doing Business in India" as well as topics related to India to various organizations . 
Some of the topics could be: Doing Business in India, Overview of Biotechnology in India, Mughal Dynasty of India, Famous tourist destinations of India, Fashion Industry of India, Bollywood, Business Etiquette of India, Famous Festivals of India, Science in India, India as a famous economic destination, Royal Cooking of India, Royal costumes of India , Business Culture of India, Culture of India.
Any topic related to India can be provided according to specific client needs. 
Each class will be of one hour through online platform and the price will be $150. Teaching will be through Powerpoint presentation and the powerpoint will be provided before the class.  For scheduling an online class please contact Dr. Afshan Hashmi.
Dr. Afshan Hashmi gave powerpoint presentation on  17 April 2014'' Taj Mahal the story of Love'' which was appreciated a lot by the audience.
She recently spoke on "Humayun's tomb". It is the tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun in Delhi, India. Dr. Afshan Hashmi gave  lecture presentation on "Fashions in India." All her presentations were admired and liked a lot by audience . Her next assignment of speaking engagement is on "Weddings of India". All people who have listened to her  are asking her to write a book and or series of books on India.
 Every month Dr. Afshan Hashmi will speak to a very large audience on various aspects of India. To book Dr. Afshan Hashmi  as a speaker please contact her.
You can now buy the Recorded class -by Dr.Afshan Hashmi :

Class #1:

This is an announcement

( Announcement via

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http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drafshanhashmi/2014/09/11/announcement-of-a-class-in-my-india-series-by-drafshan-hashmi-1 )

of a recorded class I gave through PowerPoint presentation on Taj Mahal the story of Love. In this India series class #one you will know in detail about the famous monument Taj Mahal and the love story behind this monument. Also you will get an overview of Mughal dynasty. To buy this recorded presentation which is only $10.00 please go to the link which is mentioned here below:

Go to the link here to buy the recorded class on Taj Mahal the story of Love:

To get a flavor of Dr. Afshan Hashmi's speaking engagements please click on this link for some photographs




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