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Dr.Afshan Hashmi believes in Creativity and Innovation

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Creativity and Innovation has always inspired and fascinated me.I believe that Life is great fun if one follows Creativity and Innovation in our daily lifestyle.I read a lot about these two aspects of business.  I am exploring Creativity here which is engine to drive Innovation. I believe that some of the important key qualities of very successful people are that they are creative, innovative as well as risk taker.

Enjoy some memorable moments captured here in these  following videos. 

Would love to hear from the viewers of these videos.


Dr.Afshan Hashmi 


Dr.Afshan Hashmi India trip in Dec 2014-Jan 2015 with family and friends memories and more memories!!!!

Dr.Afshan Hashmi seen here singing third from right:

Dr.Afshan Hashmi produced as well as directed and wrote the script of the following play:

Let it Snow and more snow memories and Dr.Afshan Hashmi made this video:




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