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 My  Science fiction book is a bestseller on Amazon . The name of the book is ''The Outbreak of a Monstrous Infection'' #TOFAMI. Please go to my author website  to know more details:



About the Book:
A monstrous infection is spreading worldwide. Is this a simple infection or  a deliberate attempt to ruin the human population, or bio-terrorism? What is this global infection and who is spreading this? To know that, read this suspense-filled book by an Amazon bestselling and hot #1 new-release author of a previous book called The Modern Mughal Mentality: New Strategies to Succeed in India and the Global Marketplace. In the author’s second book, a sizzling sciencefiction story, a crime is investigated by the FBI in collaboration with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) of India.







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 Best-Selling  Author Dr.Afshan N.Hashmi   spreading, inspiration, love & happiness!

Important Announcement: I am now on Fox 5 Plus TV CHANNEL and  looking for sponsorships please contact me at afshan@drafshanhashmi.com if you want to sponsor an episode or go to my author website and buy sponsorship.Please catch Dr. Afshan Hashmi on FOX 5 PLUS on last Saturday of the month on  The Capital Forum. 7-8AM. Glam World With Dr. Afshan Hashmi is the name of my segment.


Please enjoy reading my website and I know home page is long but you will love reading it so please go through the end of the  home page and also please read all the pages of my  both websites to know more about me and what consulting services I offer !

Best and Cheers!

Dr.Afshan Hashmi

  {Afshan Naheed Hashmi, PhD,C(ASCP),RAC

Best-selling Author,Award winning entrepreneur,Speaker,blogger,Books,Movies,Make-Up and Beauty Products Reviewer as well as Radio and TV Host,is a successful Regulatory, Business Development and Scientific Consultant}

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General Website :http://drafshanhashmi.com/

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Recipe for Success-Learn Jugaad

My book is on 'Jugaad' the Indian buzzword about Creativity and Innovation. The name of my book "The Modern Mughal Mentality-New Strategies to Succeed in India and the Global Marketplace".
To know why this title is given to my book you have to read my book. Book is available worldwide wherever books are sold. Please go to my author website and link is below of my author website to get all the information.
The book was an Amazon best-seller in a category as well as Hot #1 new release in a category.
Also are here some  Amazon e-book links:

My book The Modern Mughal Mentality link of ebook on Amazon

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YouTube link of message of Lt.Gen. ( Retd.) Zameeruddin Shah AMU Present Vice-Chancellor send for Dr. Afshan Hashmi

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Dr. Afshan Hashmi loves to write. She has been a writer and a speaker all her life. Her speaking engagements have also included  Motivational  speeches. Dr. Afshan Hashmi believes in the mantra of positivity and looks for positive things even in hard times. One of the very important lesson she has learned in life is that ,"Persistence and Hard Work  always produces Success." Her first writing was published when she was 8 years old. Her first speaking engagement was when she was 10 years old. She has won many prizes in science and debate competitions. She has been mentor to many. All her writings, speaking engagements and debates in which she has participated are in English. Dr. Hashmi has written lot of scientific papers and reports in her career journey uptil now. She is not only interested in science  but many other subjects. Books  and research papers are her best friends. She has read thousands of books and research papers.The history of "Indian Mughal  Dynasty" as well as  "Maharajas of India"is one of the area she has thoroughly studied . Some of the current royalties of India are her very good friends. Some of the world-famous authors and scientists  are her friends. Her friends and clients call her  "the Intelligent, Cool and Fashionable Scientific, Regulatory  Affairs and Business Development  Consultant" Dr. Hashmi loves to experiment with fashion and glamorous looks while being a very successful Consultant in the area of her consulting.  Fashion, Bollywood and Hollywood inspires her.Seeing Hollywood and Bollywood movies increases her creativity skills which is an important precursor for her to innovate.  Some of the famous celebrities are her friends. Also she loves to lead a happy healthy life  by doing religiously workout in gym and is currently learning Yoga through an instructor.  Dr. Afshan Hashmi  loves to dance on Bollywood numbers .She believes that a person should show diversity in his/ her personality. Dr. Hashmi loves to network and she believes the more one is diverse and well read the more one is liked. She has a passion of sharing her knowledge through her writings!!!


Add WOW factor to your team:

Dr. Afshan Hashmi has the quality of mesmerizing and impressing anyone she meets. By adding this Jewel in your team you are adding WOW factor to your team who would help her clients to prosper!!!! 

 Hire Dr. Afshan Hashmi for your writing projects:
Dr. Afshan Hashmi can be your ghost writer for any of your writing projects. She can also be your collaborative partner in any of your writing projects.Please contact her for a free consultation if you are looking for these kind of services.
Goal of my life I am working towards:
Any writing job is a treasure for me!!!  I am fascinated by Creativity and Innovation !!! I love creating books that is writing books and I am working towards that goal!!!
With all the best wishes:
Dr. Afshan Hashmi 
Some Goals of my life I would love to accomplish:
 It is my dream to write for Hollywood and Bollywood as well as for American and Indian TV!!!
I am  proficient in the following languages:English, Hindi and Hindustani. 
My another dream is to make a documentary on my late mother, father and maternal grandfather and show to the world who they were!!! Although some people have made documentary on all of them in India but I want to showcase them from my point of view. I was always inspired by them. They instituted in me the passion of writing!!!
Although they are not today with me but they will always reside in my heart  and mind forever!!!
I know they are watching me as stars from Heaven and there noble teachings will always guide me forever!!! Please read in detail about my three heroes and mentors in the section especially dedicated to them on this website.
By God Almighty grace one day will come when I will accomplish all my goals and dreams!!!
With all the best regards
Dr. Afshan Hashmi 

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 Interested in a Book written about your company and or yourself by Dr.Afshan N.Hashmi:

This is a customized program and so to discuss the project please contact Dr.Afshan Hashmi. The program fees will be discussed depending upon the level of research  and time the project requires.

1. If you are a company or a thought leader interested in a book written about you and/or your company:

 My content and ideas are generated by performing extensive research which comes from interacting with your management team and learning from them. I do also my independent research to see how your business model can help  businesses globally. I go deep and broad learning about some of the world’s most admired and exciting thought leaders and/or companies which are inspiring and leading innovation.

2. Also I can be a spokesperson for your company telling your story in my unique way. 

Hire Dr.Afshan Hashmi as your India Expert please see the video below:

Afshan's books

King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the
                                             Seductive World of Indian Cinema
2 of 5 stars
Hello friends, Please see my review of the book : King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema [Hardcover] Here is the video you tube link of the review: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vzYv9_lbfvY Also I ...
The Substance and the Shadow: An Autobiography
5 of 5 stars
Hello Friends Greetings!!! I did book review of the following book on my radio show. Book: Dilip Kumar - The Substance and the Shadow : An Autobiography by Dilip Kumar(Author) Here is the link of my radio show where I did the revie...
India: A History
5 of 5 stars
I have done the review in my online book club on goodreads please see the link and become member of my online book club: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1956612 You can directly go to my you tube Iink://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EPfOz...
The Emperors Table: The Art of Mughal Cuisine
4 of 5 stars
I have done review of this book on you tube: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kv7477yIeRQ Podcast:http://drafshanhashmipodcat-1.podomatic.com/entry/2014-08-11T13_31_06-07_00 Please see the review and discuss on goodreads forum on my online ...


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Join Dr. Afshan Hashmi's online Book Club for an  : Innovative,Inspiring, and Intellectual Journey 

 This book club is also known as Dr Afshan Hashmi's Glam and Glitzy Book Club.  I will discuss a book via Goodreads,Web Conferencing through anymeeting, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter , through my radio show on W4WN radio& Podomatic podcast. We will meet online via anymeeting Web Conferencing every week on Thursday at 6 pm US Eastern time. Please  go to the following links to see my calendar of events. 


The membership of the Club is $50 per year. Only members will be allowed to attend the webconferencing. 

Dr. Afshan Hashmi will discuss books on fashion, politics, science fiction, mystery and suspense as well as business books.

There will be two kind of ways this book club will work and in every book club meeting Dr. Afshan Hashmi will choose any one of the format:

So come and join this book club in great numbers to have a very intellectual discussion in a stylish and glam way. So gearup friends for a very stimulating discussion!!!!


Also Dr. Afshan Hashmi will interview authors and artists online via Web video conferencing around the globe and the only criteria is if you are interested you have to be an author and or artist with good work. Writing is a kind of art and I  believe that an artist can be an author and vice-versa. So I am going to interview both artists and authors in my online book club as well as Radio show on W4WN and TV show on Fox 5 Plus

Also Dr. Afshan Hashmi will interview  via Web video conferencing dignitaries who are famous in other fields besides authors and artists.

The interview will be recorded and shared on various social media platforms as mentioned above. 

Hashtag #drafshanglambookclub created to have an interactive and stimulating discussion in my online book club with all the  book readers and writers. Also please make sure that you tweet with #drafshanglambookclub to share your thoughts about the books discussed and author and artist conversation at Dr. Afshan Hashmi's online book club. Please become a member of this group:twubs.com/drafshanglambookclub


Hashtag  #askdrafshan  created to talk to Dr. Afshan Hashmi if you want to talk to her about areas of her consulting. 
 Hashtag  #AMUtalk  created by Dr. Afshan Hashmi to talk  about her AlmaMater in India the prestigious Aligarh Muslim Univesity in a positive manner only and how it has helped in creating a successful career. 
Hashtag #americaindiaexpert created by Dr.Afshan Hashmi as she is known as America's India expert. 



Cheers and Enjoy!!!

Dr. Afshan Hashmi

You Tube link of Review of Sally Hansen face bleach - by Dr. Afshan Hashmi

You tube link of Sir Syed Day celebrations 2014 by Dr.Afshan Hashmi

You Tube link of Dr. Afshan Hashmi in conversation with Bollywood actor Mohammed Ali Shah known as Bollywood's new Major Saheb

You Tube link of Dr. Afshan Hashmi in conversation with Author KR Raye

You tube link of the video film produced by Dr. Afshan Hashmi on:Memories of my Grandpa-Prof. Abdul Aleem

You tube link of the video film produced by Dr.Afshan Hashmi: Its an honor for me to tell you all that my mom got felicitated by the UP Chief Minister in India

You tube video film produced by Dr.Afshan Hashmi on the beautiful festival of India signifying sister and brother love

My You tube link of the review of the book"India: A History-John Keay(Author)"

My You tube link of review of the book 'The Emperors Table: The Art of Mughal Cuisine-Salma Husain"

You tube link of Dr. Afshan Hashmi in conversation with Author and Artist Nancy Stohlman

YouTube link of Dr. Afshan Hashmi in conversation with Author Rene D Schultz

Video link of Dr. Afshan Hashmi in conversation with Author Rene D Schultz

You tube link of Second Online Book club meeting

Dr.Afshan Hashmi is in conversation with author Renita D' Silva on May 20,2014

In second online book club meeting on 8 June 2014 this book will be discussed

Please see the facebook link for more details of the second online book club meeting to be held on 8 June2014

This book club is also known as Afshan's Stylish and Glam Reading Corner

Please see the Goodreads page for events detail of second online book club meeting to be held on 8 June 2014

Please click on the following link to see which book after reading the thought provoking questions were discussed in the meeting: of 20 April 2014

The recorded session of the online first book club meeting the voice of the presenters can only be heard except of Dr.Afshan Hashmiwhose voice and video can be seen

You Tube link of Dr. Afshan Hashmi's first online book club meeting held on 20 April 2014

 Cheers  friends!!!!
 Dr. Afshan Hashmi

Dr. Afshan Hashmi wishes all her readers a very Happy Holi the festival of color. Please click on this link to read what Dr. Hashmi has written in Huffington Post about Holi:

 I love doing Philanthropy:

I love doing philanthropy. Philanthropy is the hallmark of my legendary family in India. In keeping with the traditions,DNA and traits ,of my family I decided to donate an antique and rare  Gold jewelery set to my AlmaMater in India the famous Aligarh University ( AMU) from my personal collection. The set is of a design inspired by the Mughal Dynasty of India.I believe in the mantra that "the more you give the more God the Almighty gives you."

 I love writing!!!

Writing is very therapeutic for me. I write when I am happy and I write when I am sad!!!

Not a single day has passed since I started writing in my childhood that I have missed writing something. Writing is like a prayer and meditation for me.

Enjoy and Cheers!!!

Dr. Afshan Hashmi 






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